“WAVES” and Texas

I haven’t been writing on here very much. I never really posted too much on the main site anyhow, but I’ve been particularly distant from it considering I’m in the middle of making a film and haven’t mentioned anything here until now. I could sit here and try to come up with some way of explaining what the film is, or I could link you to the teaser— which is here:

WAVES – Teaser from Stephen_Scott_Day on Vimeo.

There’s been two days of shooting so far and there’s two left. We should have everything by Sunday, and I imagine I’ll have a rough cut by the end of the month. Most updates will now be on tumblr, twitter and instagram.

RADIOACTIVE publicly active

After a little over a year RADIOACTIVE is finally up and available to watch to the public~~~

Most of the production materials I wanted to release are already pretty much compiled so you can expect an update to the films main page within the next week or so. There’s gonna be stuff from the production notebook like the script, notes, schedule, breakdowns, storyboards, etc., as well as some stuff from the production diary I kept. Hopefully I can muster up enough courage to write out my thoughts on the whole thing and include that as well. Whoever the hell is giving traffic to this blog other than all those spambots might be interested in checking out my tumblr, twitter and instagram accounts which are all now listed on the sidebar. If you watch the film, hit me up and tell me what got you off and what didn’t, or if you just want to talk about personal shit that this might conjure up in you. Really wish there was a way to promote conversation– maybe yall just donT GIVE a FuuuuuuuuuuuuUHHhkkkkk.


I can’t say for certain, but it seems as though I won’t be doing any short films before I do (complete) my first feature. I’ve tried my hands at features before, but abandon them as I went into college. Even though making a feature might at first seem like a big leap, it really feels pretty natural. It feels like a long short… Which it basically is. Sure the form is different, but I’m mainly talking about production size here. I’m very stoked for it, even though it’s going to be at least a year from now. I’ve decided I need to get what folks would call a “normal job”. Those jobs that pay by the hour, you know? I may end up doing some music videos, or very short form films, or maybe even a short film or two. Though whatever I get into will not have nearly as big of a production process as the last couple films have had. Those types take up a great deal of time, and although helpful in ways, are not the best way I could be spending my time.

Alright, back to job hunting and pursuing my silly little dreams.


It’s done. It’s in the bag/can. We finished shooting a few days ago, and I’ve had a rough assembly done since then. I’ve been slowly tweaking things, and I just made a list of major edits I’m going to test out. I imagine I’ll be done with a final edit by Monday, which is when I’m going to ship it out for a proper sound mix. I finally did some of the VFX work, and am very happy with the current results. This too needs a bit of tweaking, but so far everything looks very good. The only other thing I need to do is edit the title cards at the beginning and end of the film– THEN I’M DONE.

Last night I opened up a ton of tabs on withoutabox.com, created a project for the film this morning, and plan to submit the film with a temp sound mix very soon. Maybe I’ll wait. I need to see how long it’s going to take for my sound mixer to finish. This will be the most festivals I’ll have ever submitted to, somewhere around 40. Aside from finding the niche festivals that my film will probably perform better in, I’ve looked into many international fests as well. It’d be nice to travel with the film, as I’ve been meaning to get the fuck out of here.

I’m here. I made it. It hasn’t hit me just yet. I feel pretty ready to move on to the next thing, and I can’t stop thinking about the things I want to do with film. I feel like there’s a lot of things that I’ve felt very passionately about that I’ve been afraid to express, for fear of coming off like a complete asshole. I’ve been afraid of appearing arrogant. I’ve been afraid of losing friends or family, or just alienating myself more than I already have. The type of things I want to address and express are the types of things that make individuals and groups appear to be hostile, and rarely ever are these things well received. Or at least at first they aren’t. XD

Fucking— time to take a leap of faith.


One more day of shooting left.


Chris Link is a G.


There has been a few more days of shooting since the last time I posted here. The days went well. We shot some pretty intense stuff, that again, made me very tense when behind the camera. There was a huge delay that lasted a little over a week. It was completely out of my control, and because of it there has been a few other repercussions. The initial delay set the production up to nearly lose a location, and narrow down one of the actors schedule. Thankfully the location was not lost, but my friend who’s letting us shoot there is moving out this Saturday. So instead of a properly furnished house, we’ll be shooting with one couch and maybe some boxes. I think that can make for an interesting environment, but I do admit I was a bit attached to the place for it’s lived in quality. Enzo, the actor who’s schedule has been narrowed down, has been an awesome sport about everything. On multiple occasions I had to tell him that his schedule needed to be changed/postponed. He had cancelled classes and cleared his schedule for the film, only to be told that our lead left the state. Thankfully things were eventually worked out and now we’ll be shooting his scene today. Tomorrow we’ll be shooting as well, and after that there should only be one more day left.

If there are no more delays, the production will figure out to an 8 day shoot. Which is 2 days under the original schedule. I guess I’d be pleased with that if it didn’t take 2 months to shoot 8 days. I’ve learned the value of punctuality in the past, but this time it was really driven into me. I can’t wait til my productions have a cast and crew that give a fuck. For the longest time I’ve suspected that I was the only one who really gave a shit about this film, or even knew what it was about. Every day of production pretty much confirms this. I don’t expect anyone to be all psyched, or anticipate this film as an opportunity of a lifetime– I mean who am I? I’m just some guy making this film for nothing, paying them nothing. I thought I was thorough enough in deciding whether or not everyone on board was truly, honestly, on board. It really bothers me, but I don’t let it get in the way of production; I manage to mostly forget about it when I’m working.

The film stands at about 11 minutes right now, and I expect the final cut to be somewhere between 12 and 16 minutes. The film has been shot out of order in such a way that has only allowed me to watch about 2 minutes of it continuously. The individual scenes work on their own, so I have my fingers crossed that they work together as a whole.

I still haven’t done any rotoscoping for Sean’s digital corpse makeup. I’m gonna try having that done before I’m done shooting. We’ll see.

Been neglecting the blog, so I totally forgot to throw this teaser up. Check it out, first of a few.. or a couple… first of more than one.

RADIOACTIVE – TEASER from Stephen_Scott_Day on Vimeo.

One last thing- In case you’ve never heard of the filmmaker Mdotstrange, you should check him out now. He’s been making animated feature films pretty much all by himself, and he’s been making films in general for a while now. He runs a show with filmmaker Jimmy Screamerclauz called Forever Alone Filmmaking. It’s a podcast about independent film production, specifically with micro/no budget or just one man show type productions. I was fortunate enough to get onto the show to talk to them about the art and tech of films, a bit about my changes in life as a filmmaker and a bit about RADIOACTIVE.

Listen to the podcast HERE.


Yesterday’s shoot only lasted about an hour, and I expect we’ll be doing some more of these quick one-scene shoots. The scene called for a panic attack and throwing up, so we picked up some chicken noodle soup and peanut-butter crackers that could be chewed up and “thrown up”. Thankfully our location had hardwood floors, as we needed multiple takes of throwing up, which caused a little mess each time. The panic attack / breakdown was a tough thing to get through, so we spent the majority of the time getting that right. Those are my favorite things to go through; I love working with talent that can hear what I have to say and make it work on their own. Then it becomes a bit of a dance with the camera and the light, figuring out how to convey the exact same thing the actor is conveying, but through composition. When we were filming the “breakdown”, it was a very intense thing to watch someone swell up and cry. The intensity in that moment easily resonates with you when you’re looking through the camera, and it begins to affect the camera. It’s almost like in that moment, Ivette possesses me and controls the camera herself. There’s a strange connection. I can’t wait to do more of that.

It was a wrap for Sean McBride, who played the character Julian. I want to give that a guy a bigger role some day, as this one was a bit brief, to say the least. For yesterdays shoot he was supposed to be dead, but for time constraints and just overall practicality/cleanliness, we did not have him in makeup. So this morning I ran some visual effects tests to give Sean a more “dead” look. Thankfully the effect is subtle, so it’ll definitely sell– but the process will be very tedious, and very time consuming. Rotoscoping will be the death of me. Here are a couple of quick tests I did in Photoshop today:

Thankfully, for the most part the shot is still. And the extreme movement is brief, so there will be very little splitting of masks and only a couple instances of masking a heavily motion-blurred image.

We now have 6.7 days of shooting left. So I’m putting my money on us being able to finish by the end of the month, or at the VERY LATEST the beginning of March. I have a couple tests I have to run soon, so I’ll probably be posting about that before our next day of shooting.


Nice and compact, ready to go.

All packed up, DAY1 complete.

The first day of shooting was scheduled to start at 8:30pm so I had a whole day to kill beforehand. It felt like the way christmas or my birthday used to feel. It’s more of the feeling I get the day before the release of a film I’ve been wanting to see. Though, at the same time I was pretty chill and was able to treat the day normally without letting the excitement paralyze me. It felt so good to be back to work like that. Just running around problem solving, molding abstractions. Everything went really well and despite a change in the leads schedule, we managed to stay on time. Mark made some chocolate/almond/coffee snacks that got me pretty riled up, so after shooting I was still super jazzed up.

We hit up a show afterward and had some drinks, I couldn’t stop (can’t stop) thinking about the film (won’t stop). I was mad beat by the end of the show and couldn’t wait to get home. Just before I hopped into bed I thought it’d be a good idea to take a look at the footage…. Long story short I stayed up for about another hour or so and edited everything we had. Most of my scenes have no coverage; are usually developing masters. As of right now the film is about 4 minutes with opening credits. Can barely fucking wait to get back to work.


A couple weeks ago I had locked a schedule. Everyone was A-OK with it, but I was unable to get a hold of my friend who was going to provide the lighting and grip equipment. Then my DP bailed out. I decided to put the production on hold one more time to see if I could work things out with the equipment, and promised myself I wouldn’t let that last more than a week. So now the week is up, and it looks like we’ll be shooting this bare bones. What was once a source of much anxiety has turned to inspiration. I’m putting the new schedule together. As of right now, as I write this, we are scheduled to start shooting Tuesday, January 22nd. I haven’t heard the OK from everyone yet, so that might be pushed back— BUT NO MORE THAN SOME DAYS. I expect shooting will be done by the beginning of February, HOPEFULLY sooner. I’m trying to get these dates back to back so we can knock it all out in one go, I’m so sick of standing around.

I’ve managed to turn all the anxieties of the set backs into an excitement, and in doing so have re-worked a lot of the film. Not in such major ways, but there’s a lot of new approaches I’m excited to take. I don’t really want to write about them here, so you’ll just have to wait and see. I’m actually very glad this happened, it’s kept me on my toes.


I feel like I’ve already mentioned this. If I have, I need to mention it again. If I haven’t, here it is:

I fucking HATE waiting around for shit. I can’t stand when getting shit done is out of my hands. I can handle it, I have to handle it. When I have to wait, I try finding other shit to work on. But if I have something big that I’m focusing on, like this film, it’s hard to pay attention to little things while I wait. Thankfully there’s a couple of things that really get me going when I’m not working on this film, they’re both things I’m writing so they’re there for me at any given moment. Then when I don’t pull myself to work on any of those things while I’m waiting, I dick around A LOT. I’ve tried cutting back on things that provide instant gratification, but it’s difficult to completely eliminate. I’m also the only fool around who doesn’t have a job and isn’t in school, so being up in my head all the damn time is tiring to say the least. Reddit has been an amazing thing for me, but I can definitely abuse it at times. I’m addicted to sweets and am next in line for diabetes. Things NEED to change. I look at myself, and only being 22, I STILL see myself as getting so much older.

When you’re on input all day and you want to be on output, it can be difficult to make that transition. I just want to fill every second of my day with productivity and I can’t. I get tired. And very few things “amuse” me on an immediate level, most things that provide instant gratification are taxing. I generally just struggle to maintain energy throughout the day.

I can’t wait til I’m done with this film. I’ll have a very clear idea of what I’m going to do afterward. I just want to get a lot of smaller, easier projects out of the way. I’m working on them right now, and might even do them while I’m working on RADIOACTIVE. I feel like I’m slowly inching toward a level of control in my life that I’ve been anticipating for a very long time. I can feel that shit. Maybe I’m delusional.

Anyhow, I ran some VFX tests for the film. They were very shoddy but proved that they will work with some fine tuning. I’m going to be doing the legit/perfected tests soon, so when those are done I’ll put up the shitty ones and the new ones. Location scouting just got a little more promising today. Casting is fucking taking forever. Where are my characters? Where are you hiding? Who are you?